December 1, 2020

You can change the trajectory of a child’s life this Giving Tuesday

We asked Tysheen, an 8-year-old who is a good friend to The Partnership, why he thought it was important for children to have a home.

“Well, if kids don’t have a home then they can’t learn at school. If they can’t learn, they can’t work. If they can’t work, they can’t make enough money. If they don’t make money, they won’t be able to have a home. And, everybody needs their own house.”

Vulnerable families struggling to pay rent and stay in their homes need your generosity today.

We agree with Tysheen: Everyone does need their own home. With your support, families who are facing eviction, especially because of the pandemic, can get the relief they need. You’ll make an immediate impact on children’s lives today, and for years to come.

Give today. It’s a good year to support those who are struggling.