March 16, 2020

The Partnership Is Open (Remotely) and Ready to Help NYC’s Vulnerable

As of Monday, March 16, 2020, The Partnership for the Homeless’s staff and operations have shifted to an emergency remote work arrangement in response to the COVID-19 global pandemic. Our Chelsea office will be closed for at least two weeks. We are, however, deeply committed to offering our clients the same level of care and support we always have. Throughout the next few weeks, staff will be working regular business hours – daily 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. from a remote location. During that time, we will be proactively contacting all clients to monitor health and other needs, and to provide services as possible.

If anyone in our community needs to be in touch with us, please call one of the following:

For housing-related issues: 917-615-5871

For health-related concerns: 917-675-2046

For donations and media queries: 917-609-7659

For operations-related matters: 917-497-0703

For general communications:

The Partnership will continue to advocate for clients, knowing that so many will be adversely impacted by the unprecedented shutdown of all but the most essential city/state agencies, services and businesses. We are joining with other organizations in the city and state to address a number of key issues for our clients, including:

Monitoring the spread of COVID-19 among vulnerable populations

Monitoring the spread of COVID-19 among vulnerable populations, especially in shelters. Our immediate concern is how to help congregate facilities, such as the single adult shelter system, manage the spread of the virus among a population that is often contending with chronic illness. We are also monitoring the needs related to various benefits and emergency food systems.

Calling for extra support for New Yorkers who are losing their incomes and access to food via schools.

Most of our working clients will lose their incomes when required to stay at home. They are disproportionately represented in industries – such as retail and service – wherein they will only be paid when they work. The concern among the clients themselves and many of our partner organizations is a massive spike in rent arrears and evictions later in the year, once we resume business as usual. We are advocating that loss of income issues be addressed by the federal, state and city coronavirus emergency measures currently being put in place, rather than waiting. 

We will continue to keep you posted on The Partnership’s efforts. We wish everyone good health and care during this tumultuous time.