March 31, 2021

Support our Partner for Education Fund

We launched our Partner for Education Fund last year in part because children under 18 represent the fastest-growing population experiencing homelessness. Eviction prevention keeps families in their homes and children in school. The Fund also advocates to ensure that children’s access to their current school is continuous, even if their families go into shelter. That way, they can stay their “school home” even if the family loses its home.

Your support will keep children stably housed and in school – the most effective way to break the intergenerational cycle of homelessness.

There is no better ROI than prevention.

Prevention solves homelessness in two important ways.

It reduces costs today – the roughly $68,000 it costs to keep a family with children in the NYC homeless shelter system is more than 3x the cost of keeping a family housed in their apartment for a year.

Less than half of children who spend time in shelter graduate from high school. By keeping families housed today, you also are ensuring that more children stay in school and grow up too keep their own families out of shelter in the future.

Take a look at the Partner for Education Fund Launch Party.

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