Partner for Education Fund Tickets


October 29, 2019 6:30pm-9:30pm

Riverpark, NYC

Your support for our new Partner for Education Fund is key to preventing generational homelessness among our families. Join us for a cocktail reception to launch the Fund, and to honor Sourabh Gupta, a multimedia artist working at the intersection of design, architecture and painting and craftsmanship.

If you would like to purchase more than 5 tickets, please contact: Gail Cooper, Chief Strategy & Transformation Officer

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More about Sourabh Gupta

Rosa was living in a shelter with her 10-year-old daughter. Her daughter attended school in Harlem and every day, Rosa took her daughter to school, and picked her up after school. But Rosa and her daughter had been placed in shelter in Howard Beach, Queens. It took them 3 buses and 2 trains for over 2 hours to get from the shelter to school.


It took even longer to get home after school – 3 hours. That’s 5 hours a day on public transit just so a fifth grader can stay in the school she knows, just so she can have some continuity in her life. On top of this, Rosa is also struggling with breast cancer and her treatment was in the South Bronx. An easy ride from her daughter’s school, but not from shelter. Working with The Partnership, our education advocate was able to move Rosa and her daughter to a shelter in Harlem, a brief 20 minute walk to school and less than 30 minutes to treatment. Rosa says this means she has healthier meals (more time to cook!), her daughter can rejoin her after-school activities, and they have more family time, friend time, and community time. All things that bond people to one another and to places. And, things that add to success.