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Funding Crisis Endangers Work With Families In East New York

The past years have been especially hard for people in New York City already living on the edge of financial ruin and homelessness. The shelter population in New York City is at a five-year high. At the Partnership for the Homeless, we're seeing 150 new families a week coming to our Family Resource Center in East New York alone asking for our help.

Yet State and City budgets for work to prevent homelessness and to help people get back on their feet are being cut deeply. City funding for the Family Resource Center has been slashed by almost 24% from the prior year. Without an infusion of funds for our work, the families coming to our door won't be able to get the full help they need and deserve.

The Campaign for the Family Resource Center is raising support so we can make sure we have the staff and programs in place to help families avoid homelessness and build more prosperous, stable lives.

When an individual or family comes to us for help, we address more than just their housing crisis. We talk with them about work, education, health concerns, what's going on with their kids. We work with them one-on-one on steps that will put their family on the road to well being and prosperity and connect them to other resources they might not know about otherwise. This fuller approach that goes beyond simply finding housing may be more complicated, but our goal is to help clients create lasting change and achieve greater opportunity.

The funds raised through this campaign will help pay for:

  • Our housing specialists who avert disaster by helping families keep their homes or re-attain appropriate housing.
  • Our family advocates who work with families on every type of challenge blocking their path to greater prosperity and stability.
  • Our workshops, programs, and events to build a strong community network in East New York.
  • Our work with adults looking to improve their employment prospects.
  • Our work with children to build their self-esteem, skills, and educational success.

Replacing Lost Funding Critical to Truly Ending Homelessness 

In 2005, Mayor Bloomberg pledged to focus on preventing homelessness as a way to address the City's growing homeless population. Through our partnership with the City at the Family Resource Center, we have begun to implement the model of comprehensive assistance we believe in. However, given recent cuts in prevention funding by both the City and State, significant resources continue to be directed toward shelter and short-term fixes to avoid shelter.

Now even these funds are being cut. And we haven't yet grappled as a City with the shortsightedness of making crisis response the main goal of our actions. By supporting The Campaign for the Family Resource Center, you will be making a strong investment in lasting well-being and prosperity for families. Please join us and make a contribution today.


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