Homes for 1,000 New Yorkers

If you can, will you partner with us to prevent homelessness for 1,000 New Yorkers?

While the city is opening up, many New Yorkers are still struggling to pay rent and basic household bills. Thousands are not eligible for or cannot access the limited government funding available for rental assistance.

Without assistance, many families will end up evicted and experiencing homelessness.

The average amount owed in back rent is only $4,000 — that's all it takes to prevent a family from losing their home.

Because of partners like you, The Partnership is able to provide rental assistance, pay down arrears and ensure fellow New Yorkers keep their homes.

Please donate today.

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Homes for 1,000 New Yorkers

Two-thirds of people in New York City shelters are families.

Can you prevent homelessness for one more family?

Homes for 1,000 New Yorkers

LGBTQIA+ adults over 45 are twice as likely to be in rent arrears.

Can you keep fellow New Yorkers safely housed?

Homes for 1,000 New Yorkers

The average amount owed in rent is only $4,000.

Your gift allows fellow New Yorkers to keep their homes.