May 4, 2020

Help us keep New Yorkers safely housed

Your donation today will help pay rent for a family in need – and prevent future homelessness. 

Hundreds of thousands of New Yorkers have lost their jobs and their ability to pay rent. The rate of unemployment is historic.

We all know them. They are our neighbors, our community.

The childcare worker at the local nursery. The barista at your favorite coffee spot – and all the other restaurant workers. The taxi driver, maybe still working, but with no fares. The day laborers, nannies, musicians & artists, hairstylists, retail & office workers. The multitude of part-time, seasonal & gig employees with no money coming in now. And many of them are still not eligible for unemployment. 

The eviction moratorium helps – but it’s not enough to solve the problem. Rent is still due. Without help, an unprecedented number of New Yorkers will fall behind on rent by several months. 

Once the moratorium ends, thousands will be faced with eviction, and the organizations that typically help with financial assistance to ensure people don’t become homeless won’t be able to meet the extraordinary need.

You can help.

Donate today so that fellow New Yorkers can stay safe in their homes and avoid homelessness. Plus, you’ll help small landlords from falling on hard times, too – making the economy stronger for us all. 

If you’re able, consider donating all or a portion of your stimulus check. Or, make a monthly pledge. Or a one-time donation. Any amount is appreciated.

Thank you for being in this together with the Partnership to keep our neighbors safely housed. With COVID-19, your help is more crucial than ever.

Please donate today: