The Partnership for the Homeless

Why Don Layton Invests in the Partnership

I find it unacceptable that our great city has a major problem with homelessness in the 21st century. I  find it even more unacceptable that this is true despite decades of city, state and federal legislation programs that apparently focus on reducing homelessness.  As a businessman, I am singularly unimpressed with this ineffectiveness; if anything, homelessness seems worse than it was decades ago. 

The face of homelessness was originally the fellow on the street corner asking for change. Today, the vast majority of homeless people in New York City are single mothers with children. These families are often invisible, in tucked-away neighborhoods, but they need real help―a home, job skills and employment opportunities for the moms, and stable schooling for the children.

They need programs that finally and truly work.

That’s why the Partnership for the Homeless is different—and so critical.  It not only provides essential direct services, mainly for families, but also looks to research and evaluate programs that are actually making a difference, truly reducing family homelessness, to create scalable “models” that can be replicated here in the city and beyond.

And that’s why I have just announced that we will arrange through my family fund to support such programs with a new $1 million funding. 

I urge you to invest in this organization as well.


Donald H. Layton
Chief Executive Officer
Freddie Mac
Chair Emeritus