The Partnership for the Homeless

Making a Home

A brave mother gets a fresh start

LillianTo protect herself and her two young sons from an abusive boyfriend, Lillian sought refuge in a city homeless shelter. Like many in the shelter system, she was there for over a year. In that time, she lost all of her possessions, and one of her sons had a frightening bout with pneumonia.

Things were looking up when Lillian’s family got their own apartment. But there was absolutely no money for furniture. How could she ever turn these empty rooms into a real home for two little kids who had already endured so much? Determined to create a home for her family, Lillian soon learned how our Furnish a Future program could help her small family create the kind of home they longed for.

Lillian obtained furniture for her kitchen, living room, and both her bedrooms through Furnish a Future. Now she’s having family dinners around her new kitchen table, cuddling on the sofa with her sons at the end of a hard day, and cherishing every moment in her warm and inviting home.